We Want the World to Know:


Do you ever feel that other Americans misunderstand or stereotype your culture in relation to religion, ethnicity, race, or traditions? This project, We Want the World to Know…, is your opportunity to participate in a collaborative endeavor with secondary schools around the United States. Now is your chance to share your view by creating a short video to promote cultural understanding and global perspective of your experience or reality. After viewing the other productions, plan to participate in a multi-site videoconference designed to promote a cross-cultural discussion.

Students problem solve to find the best way to answer the question.
The teachers' role is as mentors and facilitators.
Ultimately students taking pride in work well done.

Process writing:
Planning, script writing, establishing skill sets for each member, making choices, and an avenue to appropriately express their feelings.
Mind maps creates potent vocabulary at the heart of each student that was used as the basis for each of the videos.

Technology tools used for this project:

Digital cameras- available for signout in most buildings
Digital video cameras- available for sign out in most buildings
iMovie- Mac movie program
GarageBand- Mac program for podcasting, oral recordings and music creation
Photoshop- site license on most high school school computers
iPhoto - Mac Photo program
http://flickr.com/creative commons
Creative commons
Copyright- Copyright pamphlets
Citing resources- NoodleBib
RUP- Responsible Use Policy