Unlocking Student Creativity in the Secondary Classroom

Sir Ken Robinson


Noted speaker on keeping students creative

TED Talk 2006

Animation of Speech to RSA

Start by making small changes- Bryan
China Project- project conceived by student teacher Bekah Moore

Was or is this you?

Peter Reynolds- Children's Author for FableVision

Also produces software

How he got his start

Books by Peter:
The Dot
So Few of Me

‚ÄčSparking the Creative Image

Project ideas- how we get students to stop copying off of each other and start collaborating with each other.

Project Based Learning or Challenged based learning

Huck Finn movie trailers
Sarah DeMaria

Odyssey Project- commercial example
John Frick, Jamie Berryhill, Carla Vicidomini

ESL Commercial Examples

Using a template

Green Screen

Voice over

Over the Counter Drugs
Health- Heather Wagner


Oral History
Modeled after Story Corps (http://storycorps.org/) and Story Corps Hispanic project (http://storycorps.org/historias-en/)
Donna Goserud

Some students submitted audio files, some submitted voice over videos, some submitted home videos, some submitted videos with English subtitles, and Qian created this flash animation.

Qian's Example

Web 2.0 tools

Downside: Things come and go, are free are not free, unlimited and then limited