What is social bookmarking?????


Step 1:
Sign up for an account at http://delicious.com
When signing up, think about your username since students will see this when you share your sites with them.
My account is http://delicious.com/vickireed

Step 2:
Add the buttons to your menu bar.
We'll do this together.....

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. They tell you where to find the information to add the buttons to your toolbar and some other things you might think are useful.

Step 3:
Before we start bookmarking, we need to talk about tagging.
Here is a sample tag cloud and the definition of a tag: http://delicious.com/tag/
Think about how you tag so you can find the resource when you need it.

How you might use tags:
by subject - rainforest, cells, saltmarsh
by media type - video, pictures, clipart
by use with student - tutorial, game
to inform professional staff -

Creating a tag bundle:
Go to your delicious homepage

Add people to your network.