What is Pages?
An application contained in iWork, a program the district has purchased. It allows you to make colorful and exciting flyers, brochures and newletters.


Part 1- An introduction to copyright and fair use

Part 2- Intro to Pages

The Apple video tutorials are excellent!

1. Why use Pages
  • a. Working with the template
  • b. Types of templates
  • c. Place markers
2. The tool bar, customizing your tool bar
3. The Inspector
4. Altering a template
5. Sources of images - using Google to search for images, just does not do it
6. Creating your own Pages document!

Add Photos to iPhoto using Safari:

Open Safari
FInd a copyright friendly site.
RIght click or Control Click to bring up the submenus.

You can also copy the source of any images you use so that you can correctly cite them from here as well.


Navigate to your picture in iPhoto, in the box marked title, put the URL! Now you have the phot with the correct citation.


Supporting documents: