Problem Based Learning or Project Based learning or Challenge Based Learning (Apple)

The main difference between a project and project based learning is best illustrated by these 2 graphics.

PBL vs project.png

Projects vs PBL

What’s the Difference Between “Doing Projects” and Project Based Learning ?Image attribution flickr user josekevo; The Difference Between Projects And Project-Based Learning; © Amy Mayer, @friEdTechnology, The Original WOW! Academy, Please copy and use freely!

Projects are about the end products, where as PBL is more about the process.

Teacher's concerns:
I can't cover all my content.
Students don't learn as well
It takes too much time
I don't know how to use the technology.

Start with the YAG and design a project that fits in that time frame.
Use intermittent class time to redirect students, give them back ground knowledge, use quick assessments and clear up content questions.
Use the library and the tech specialist as a support team.

Remember that project based learning has its ups and downs as a project grows and develops. It may take several years for a good project to be developed.

Common components of PBL:
Student centered.
Presents students with real world experience
Poses questions of real world importance
Students work collaboratively
Students remember more about the content after finishing the project

Challenge Based Learning

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