Creating engaging multimedia projects

Why use Keynote to create presentations?
Biggest reason in that it does not loose its connection to embedded video and music,

Link to Keynote tutorials

1. Embed video, add appropriate sounds or sound clips, add music, add your voice as a narrative
  • HS Librarians- have many databases and will prepare a wikispace resource site for you (wikipath finders) ex:
  • Discovery Education Streaming- many resources- clip art, sounds songs, video clips
  • Teacher Tube an alternative to Youtube - must link to these sites

2. Vary the font size and location of your text.

3. What is a nonlinear presentation?
  • Slides link to each other out of sequence

4. Do you know how to save your presentation as a movie?
  • add it to Moodle for students who are absent

5. Do you know how to use your remote control to advance the Keynote slides?

6. You can also use Keynote as a tool to assess student knowledge

7. Ask for help!
  • I am more than happy to come into your class or work with you on a presentation.
  • The librarians do a great job….use them for projects with research.
  • SHARE- use your Moodle course.