DEstreaming overview

Since Discovery Education purchased unitedstreaming there have been many significant improvements. This workshop is intended to give you an overview of the new site that was released over the summer and to give you an opportunity to briefly examine some resources.

Why Use DEstreaming?

DE streaming was ranked one of the top educational products for the school year 08-09. It contains a variety of resources beside video clips and you can legally download these. You can add them to your Moodle for students to preview and their is an assignment and quiz builder built right into the program. DEstreaming is a great way to differentiate your instruction it includes an assignment builder, quiz builder and writing prompt builder along with songs, video clips, pictures, and games.

Firefox Preferences

Before looking for information, we need to set up your Firefox preferences so that it asks you to save the file. By doing this you can name the file so you can find it more readily.

Go to Firefox in the top menu bar and pull down to Preferences

Select the applications icon and scroll down to QuickTime (Mac) Windows Media Player (PC), change this to read Save File:


OK, now it is time to get started.

IF you do not have a media net account from the IU, you will need to create one. I may take several days to a few weeks. In the meantime, you can use the student login.

Go to
Your user ID and password is assigned by the IU. Although I usually recommend that you do not have your browser save usernames and passwords, in this case I would have this information remembered.

Resources available, I selected the subject science and these are the k-12 resources available:

It also now easier to narrow your search

My personal new favorite is the look of the site, you can "mouse-over" a resource and get a preview of it.

No time for an entire video? Just need to reinforce, make a point or grab their interest? Videos are divided into segments:

My Content

You can make folders and put the items you might want to visit later in My Content for easy reference.

- one of personal favorites- is found in the Teacher Center

Calendar- select the day, your subject and watch an event tied into the history of that date, also in Teacher Center.

Attend a DEN event

Discovery Education is hosting a virtual conference on October 24, 2009. You can attend the event online or you can attend it in person at IU 21 near Allentown. The FREE live event includes breakfast, lunch and prizes along with virtual presentations and live presentations. The focus of the in-person events will be to help people who are new to DEstreaming (formerly unitedstreaming) get more out of the product.

A flyer with information about the event is attached. There were some problems with the PDF, so I attached a jpg of the flyer. The links are below if you are interested in registering or learning more about the conference. Act 48 is available.

To register for the LIVE EVENT at IU #21:
For information about the Virtual Conference:

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