Some quick tips:

1. Expand your searches to include lower grades. (Entering/Beginning/Developing)

2. Use videos that have translations in the the student's native language. (Entering/Beginning)
Remember students will be tested in English and providing resources in the students native language is intended to help to give them a conceptual idea of what you are studying.


3. Use videos as back ground information (entering/beginning/developing)
  • Civil war
  • Historical events and characters
    • Charlie Chaplin
    • Hindenburg
    • Civil Rights Movement

4. Use video as a back drop for green screen projects. (entering/beginning/developing/expanding)
Teleprompter online:

5. Students can practice pronunciation in podcasts (Beginning/Developing/Expanding)

5. Use a course management system to put links to video or embed the videos. Let the support staff for these students know where they can find them.