Part 1- An introduction to copyright and fair use

Part 2- There are many alternatives to YouTube which has specific terms of use agreements preventing the download of their content.

Why do we care? SchoolTube terms of use

Discovery Education Streaming - Still your best source for legal downloads of video (and other) content. Some videos are even editable.
  • To request a Media Net Account: Lancaster Lebanon IU Media Net Request
  • If you do not hear from someone in a few weeks, contact Vicki Reed, Jim Albright, RaeAnn Smith or Sue Allen. They can check with the IU on the status of your account.
  • A brief look at some DE streaming features

Thanks to CogDogRoo for these resources.

Creative Commons (let's look at this CC license):

These movies are part of the Internet Archive, look for theCreative Commons (CC) license to see what you can do with them. If nothing is stated, assume you can only watch it.

In Public Domain and free to download:
Fair Use:

SItes where you may embed, but not download:

Many things found on youtube are cross posted on TeacherTube
  • You may download and retain a copy for school (noncomercial use), but you must give credit

Still want to play or embed YouTube videos? Try YouTube for Education

Last, but not least....check out iTunes U. These podcasts or movies are available for you to sue in the classroom. Open iTunes, go to the iTunes store and then click on iTunes U.

Moodle and videos
  • You can provide links or embed any video that gives you embed code into your Moodle course or Blog.

  • If you have several videos you want the students to watch, then perhaps providing inks is best.

  • If you have have a few videos, you can embed them right in Moodle so they will play.

Thanks to for the handout on embedding videos in Moodle.

Playing downloaded videos:

To see the videos full screen in Quicktime, go to the View menu and Enter Full Screen
If it is too pixelated this way, then you can use the zoom feature on your Mac.

Go to the Apple
System Preferences
Universal Access
Zoom- turn radio button on
Go to Options and click only when pointer reaches edge.

hold down the command and Option, click the = to go bigger and the - to go smaller